Connect with Your Customers Anywhere

Drive more sales, collect more customer information, and amplify organic awareness through our AI-powered reward programs directly hosted on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Companies of all sizes trust TRIBE to connect with and reward their customers

The Ultimate Community Engagement Tool

Supercharge community engagement and enrich your customer data without lifting a finger

10x your lead generation

Engage your customers on their preferred channel. Capture phone numbers, email addresses, social handles, and more directly on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Gamify engagement

Instantly reward all types of customer interactions, including Instagram Posts & Stories, Facebook Posts, Tweets, comments, online reviews, Pinterest Pins – the list is endless.

Communicate and co-create with your community. Conduct surveys, DM your top supporters, and take your relationships to a whole new level.

Analytics and content engine

View engagement trends by channel, content type, and user. Identify your top supporters and pinpoint the content with the greatest impact.

We’re a data and content funnel. Every piece of content we reward is vetted by our team and licensed to you, saving you hours. Easily save your favorite assets and access an always-on stream of content.

Built for you & your community

Reward actions with perks that fit both you and your community. From discounts and free, products to VIP Experiences, raffle tickets, and more – the possibilities are endless.

Out of the box, no effort setup

Choose from any of our reward program templates and get set up in minutes. Our team handles everything, from reviewing content, answering customer questions, updating your flows, and more.

Case Study: ODTO

“TRIBE unlocks a two-way street for our team to engage with our community. We’ve maximized our awareness on Twitter by rewarding tweets from our community while also collecting thousands of customer data points. I recommend it to any CPG brand out there.”

– Mo Majlak, CEO @ OD Toronto

Pieces of UGC licensed and rewarded
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How much is Tribe?

Tribe is free for the first 30 days. Pricing depends on the number of users but ranges between $199 and $599/month. Schedule a demo to learn more!

What platforms do you support?

Our reward programs are hosted through Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

We can reward almost any type of customer interactions, from stories and posts to pins, tweets, surveys, referrals, sales, and much more. 

Does Tribe pair with existing reward programs?

Tribe is its own standalone rewards program. However, we can work with your team to automatically convert our points to your existing loyalty program.

Frequently asked questions

Tribe was created to help you connect with your community. Check out our FAQ section or reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions. We’re always happy to help 🙂

Support from our community

“Tribe is so easy to use. We got set up in a few minutes and keep it on in the background. It's the best way to keep your community excited and creating content”

Zahraa A.

"We've saved hundreds of hours DMing customers, running giveaways, and even reaching out to customers for content through Tribe."

Jamieson H.
Shellz Orb

"We're a small team. Tribe automated communications with our community and provided our marketing team (me) with all the organic assets we need. 10/10"

Sammy A.
Degen Distillery

"We've been with Tribe since the very beginning. What sets them apart is their willingness to build alongside our team and listen to feedback. We're not just another customer, we're partners."

Kami S.
Kitaro Wordl

"The software these guys have created is second to none. Tribe brought us closer to our community than ever before. We're co-creating with our supporters every single day "

Zubic K.
Space Riders

"Community is the cornerstone of our brand. Tribe helps us automate the manual tasks and run campaigns that otherwise would've taken us days."

Ian F.